Attention Cardinal Families!  Apex is here!!


For the next 2 weeks, our school is taking part in the Apex Leadership Co program and REMIX Fitness event fundraiser.


Each class will join the Apex squad on an exciting journey as we learn all about the 6 leadership habits it takes to be a MIGHTY leader! I love the leadership and character building portion of this program - the quick, engaging lessons tie in with our school’s vision and mission, encourages students to create a positive environment, and inspires them to lead by example.





Think Ahead

Your Turn!

What are we raising money for?

  • Your donations will help to pay for PTA Student & Family Programs and Classroom Support. 

  • In addition to what the PTA is raising funds for, 10% of the funds raised go directly to teachers to purchase supplies and enrichment items for our classrooms. That’s exciting!

  • Each class has a goal of reaching $5 per Fitness Move per student, or $150 in flat donations.

  • Each Pre-K class has a goal of reaching $50 in flat donations only per student.

Support Our School Through the REMIX Fitness Event!

  1. GETTING STARTED: Log in today at www.MyApexEvent.com using your child’s unique access code. 

  2. MAKE A DONATION: Make a flat donation or pledge a $ amount per Fitness Move your student will complete at the event. Recorded Fitness Moves are capped at 36 max. Credit cards will be charged after the event for any $ per Fitness Move pledges. 

** Pre-K students: Please enter Flat Donations only ($15, $30, $60 or any other amount). Event results aren’t typically recorded for Pre-K students so if a $ per Fitness Move pledge is made, a default of 30 Fitness Moves may be entered for your student.

  1. SHARE: Use the “Share Wizard” feature to send a link via email, text, and social media to 10 family members and friends to also donate online to help our school.

  2. BE A CHEERLEADER: Encourage your child to do their best at our event on Friday, Nov. 6. 

** Remote Learners: Due to the challenges of collecting counts from home, a default of 36 Fitness Moves will be entered for each student. If your student’s actual result is less than that, please notify me or Apex at amyh@apexleadershipco.com on event day and it will be edited.

Click here to view an FAQ page with more details.

We have the most supportive families here at our school, and that is what makes our community so great! I understand that some of our families may not be able to donate, and that’s OK! All students are included in the program regardless of financial participation in the fundraiser. If you can help, please know that no donation is too small.