Normal Drop-off

During morning arrival, all cars drive through the front lane only OR students/parents walk in and enter through designated morning arrival doors at the front or rear of the main hallway. Doors open daily at 7:15am beginning the second day of school.  For drivers, please be sure to pull all the way forward to the yellow line and have your Cardinals exit promptly and safely on the curb side.

Please refer to this letter from our Administration and be sure to check out this great video that will make mornings a bit more manageable!













Normal Pick-up

During normal dismissal, parents are asked to wait outside for students. Parents driving through the front or rear dismissal lanes should not exit their vehicles and should use name placards in vehicle windows.  Please advise other family members who may be picking up your child of this as well.

In addition, school property is part of the school zone. This is a hands-free mobile zone for anyone operating a motor vehicle. Per AISD policy and for the safety of our students, no pets are allowed on campus unless they are designated service animals.

Check out this great video that will make the afternoon a breeze!



Extreme Rainy Day Dismissal

  • Students remain in their classrooms.

  • At first bell, parents go straight to hallways and classroom doors for pick up.

  • Children in after-school programs, those who ride AISD busses, or those who have special transportation (SPED) will be escorted by Clayton staff to the bus lane area at the side of the campus at 2:55pm

  • At 3:00pm the building will be open (front and rear doors) for parent pick up.

  • If a parent is picking up multiple children located in various areas in the building, they can request that the office call students down over the intercom to meet parents in the front office (starting at 3:00pm).

  • Parking. Parents may park in the front lane (sidewalk side only), on La Crosse Ave. in front of the school, at the Community Center, and on side streets such as Sky Rock. Spaces in the front lane will often open up after the first wave of cars has cleared out by 3:05pm. Sorry, no double parking or idling in the second lane. If no parking is available in front, then you will be required to drive through and find a different place to park. Hang in there.

  • We encourage you to work out carpools and possibly share neighbor pick up (especially if you have infants or toddlers), because parking will be very limited to the front and side streets as well as the community center. That is, a neighbor can drive through the front and circle around or find a parking place while another person enters the school to retrieve children.

  • Back lane of campus is closed.  During this extreme rainy day dismissal, the back lane of the campus will be closed to all but emergency vehicle traffic, as we cannot have parents park and leave cars there.

  • Please have your umbrellas and galoshes available for yourselves and your kiddos if needed.


We appreciate your patience and support as we attempt to keep our Cardinals safe during arrival and dismissal each day.

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