1. How do I request AISD iPADs or Chromebooks? 
    Please see this guide to learn how to request AISD technology through the parent cloud.

  2. How do I join the Clayton Google Group? 
    Email your name along with  your child's name and grade to our registrar, with a request to join the Google group.  

  3. How do I drop off items for my student? 
    Parents/guardians will need to sign the drop off log book at the front of the school.
    Essential items such as glasses will be delivered quickly.​
    Lunch boxes, water bottles and school supplies will be dropped off according to this schedule: 
    **Items delivered before 10:00 am will be delivered at 10:00am.
    **Items delivered 10:01am - 1:30pm will be delivered at 1:30pm.
    **No items will be delivered after 1:30pm.

  4. What if my child is sick and needs to stay home from school?
    If your child is ill, please send an email to your child's teacher and copy the registrar, Amy Turnage.

  5. What if my child has a doctor appointment?
    If you need to pick your child up for a doctor appointment, notify your child's teacher in advance and then come into the front office and request your child be retrieved from class. Parents cannot call in advance to have students retrieved from class, so plan to arrive early.

    Parents need to be prepared to provide a drivers' license when signing a student out from school. 

    You will sign your child out in a log book and be given a slip of paper to have signed by your doctor's office (or you can bring back a note provided by the doctor's office).  This note must be turned into the office when your child returns to school.

  6. What if I need to reach my child's teacher?
    You may email your teacher, but calls can only be sent to a teacher during her or his planning period.

  7. How do I visit a class or my child on campus?

  8. What if our plans for after school pick up changes?
    After school change of pick ups should be done as early as possible via email with the teacher.  Change of dismissal message after 2:30 does not guarantee that it will be executed accordingly. 

  9. When does Extreme Rainy Day Dismissal get decided?
    Extreme raining day dismissals are generally declared 30 minutes before school lets out, as weather is unpredictable. If it is decided to be an extreme rainy day dismissal, Administration will send out a robo call and Google Group email message. Click here for more information about Extreme Rainy Day Dismissal.

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