Providing good nutrition in a courteous atmosphere is our goal.


This Month's Menu - TBD
Next Month's Menu (when available)

Breakfast and Lunch menus are no longer sent home.  They are available online.  

Lunch information, including menus, can be viewed online here or by

downloading the mobile app on Apple or Android devices.

Prices are yet to be determined for the 2020-2021 school year. See below for last year's prices:
  • Breakfast is available before 7:40 AM at a cost of $1.50, and $2.25 for adults.  

  • Student lunch is available for $3.00, and $3.85 for adults. 

  • Families who qualify for reduced breakfast and lunch:  $0.30 breakfast and $0.40 lunch

Each child has a personal identification number (PIN) for a cafeteria account. Please send cash only in an envelope with your child’s name, grade, teacher, and amount enclosed. You may purchase several meals in advance to avoid sending money daily or you may prepay & track your child’s lunch account using credit or debit cards through You will need your child’s student ID number to initiate an account. Please check with his/her teacher. Check your child’s account balance periodically to avoid owing money. Milk, juice and healthy items may also be purchased. Please make lunches from home nutritious. Soft drinks and gum should not be sent in the child’s lunch.

* Please note that replaces and the YumYummi app. Funds remaining from past years will be available in SchoolCafe when you link your child with his/her student ID number.


Cafeteria Behavior

Lunch is part of the social development of children. General expectations include:

  • Students will walk in the cafeteria at all times;

  • Students will use quiet voices & good manners;

  • Students will stay in their seats and raise hands to get help;

  • Students will keep hands, feet and belongings to themselves; and

  • Students will clean up after themselves