Special Needs at Clayton


Cardinals at Clayton come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Parents at Clayton have offered the following resources to help other Clayton families better understand and be able to discuss conditions that may impact their child's life.

For those interested in teaching your child more about differences, we would like to create a helpful guide for parents to have useful information about the wide range of special needs of our friends at Clayton (including, but not limited to: ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Down Syndrome, Food Allergies).

The hope is this will be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible, including video links, websites, and general information to educate parents on how to be informed and able to discuss differences they encounter. 

2018/2019 AISD Parent/Family Engagement Opportunities:

The below begin in September and more opportunities will be added as we receive

them.  Please each PDF for specific details and contact information.   

Lion League is a monthly after school club for our third through fifth grade students who would like to be models of acceptance and kindness in their school and community.

The Lion League is a great way to help your child be a model of kindness and acceptance. Sign up here!


Amazing things Happen



Down Syndrome

Just Like You


Food Allergies


What does PANDAS/PANS really look like?

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