Principal Amy Gonzales

Dear Families,


I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I continue to be proud of the effort, dedication, and passion that Cardinal staff members display daily.


The past  years we have implemented Principal Assemblies for each grade level that occur once every nine weeks.  I am constantly amazed by the kindness, generosity, and SEL wisdom that our Cardinal students display.  Teaching to the whole child has always been our approach and the lessons that our teachers provide, explicit and implicit, regularly meet this goal.  Clearly, Cardinal students are provided multiple opportunities to understand the importance of being kind and showing empathy.


Each August new Cardinals begin their educational journey and in May many Cardinals close their elementary chapter.  We are so excited for the many celebrations and special moments that we get to share together.  We are grateful that you found your “home” here at Clayton Elementary!


With love and respect,

Amy Gonzales, M.ED.


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