What is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Students on Adventures in Reading and is a wonderful volunteer-based program designed to give individual students help in reading.


Who does SOAR help?

This program supports the teachers and students in 2nd – 5th grades. Children are selected to participate based on their benchmark scores. If the teacher or the administration thinks that the student will benefit from some individual attention, they also participate in SOAR. The SOAR student is typically one who doesn’t have a reading disability, but just needs practice.


Why is SOAR Important?

Students increase in confidence and self-esteem by improving their reading skills. Immediate and frequent feedback from their Reading Coach keeps them reading and reaching for higher goals!

SOAR is instrumental in Clayton receiving Exemplary ratings. It's amazing what a little individual attention and practice can do.

Who makes it happen?

Volunteers (like you!) help students SOAR to new heights in reading.

At the core of this wildly successful program is a team of dedicated volunteers. These volunteer “mentors” devote just 30 minutes per week (or more if you have it) to reading with a child, cheering them on, and giving them the special attention they need to, well, soar.

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